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marijuana seeds for medical and commercial growers seeking maximum results in THC levels


We are giving you the tools for an easy and simple search of suppliers and sellers offering CBD oil, Cannabidiol, marijuana seeds and medical marijuana information. Practical, legal and verified! We made it easy and took the workload from you.

Why the name CanaKush?

CanaKush  represents positiveness. It is a combination of two names that brings you good energy to the meaning. 

It is no longer a secret about the medical relief properties that the Cannabis plant and it's cannabinoid compounds offer, one of them known as CBD. 

Many have referred to Marijuana as the "Miracle Plant" , a gift from God.

CANA the town in Galilee, north of Nazareth, where Jesus performed his first miracle by changing water into wine (John 2:1, 11) 

KUSH origins are from landrace cannabis plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. 

Now that you know how we came up with the name; then you understand that both represent one positive meaning. 

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